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 going where they go

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PostSubject: going where they go   going where they go Icon_minitimeSat Sep 20, 2008 4:17 pm

a while back i listened to a few bands, one of them was called Arkona, which was amazing. they're a Slavic folk metal band from Russia, and they can truly make good music. so i was listening to their music, and recently i came across an old song called "Rus", which is apparently about defending your motherland. i doubt they are neo-nazis, but there were a great deal of people saying "hail arkona 88", and there seemed to be a racist atmosphere. some guy came arround and said "hail from india", and got a bunch of bad ratings, same with another who said "hail from Israel". so i was wondering what the fuck. i recently learned the actual meaning of what "88" meant, and remembered seeing it in another comment on a song called "fatherland" by Ancient Rites". so i went back ther and looked at the comments. i had previously asked a guy about the ideologies of the band, and saw that he made a new comment, where he said that neo-nazis were the only ones who had the balls to do something about what was happening to europe (or something like that). there were other comments in previous pages that said things like "88" (which means "hail hitler" for those who dont know). the band Ancient Rites itself is not neo-nazi, and the singer has clearly stated in interviews that he is against racism, and he seemed to be against authoritarian forms of government.

so i realized that what we need to start doing here is going to places where far rights go, and start introducing our own thoughts. if people listen to these songs and the first thing they see on the comments is something about racism and nazism, they're more likely to turn towards that.

so here's the two bands that i listened to:
-Ancient Rites

heres some links:

arkona - Rus

ancient rites - fatherland
(read death828┤s last comment)

ancient rites - north sea
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going where they go
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