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 the Bologna Process

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PostSubject: the Bologna Process   Tue Oct 21, 2008 3:32 pm

this plan is going to really fuck with people in Spain (and in all of europe), because there are many people, like me, who will nto be able to pay for the education which will be required. here in Spain where i live, it will affect us so we have to pay a lot mroe money to finish our education completely, and it will take away the state's ability to give us money in order to finish our education. instead, we are going to have to get our money from bank, which we will later have to repay (mroe capitalist bullshit).
it will prevent the poor from getting a good education and reaching high places, which will probably create a bigger cheap labourforce and more economic inequality.

im not too much informed on the whole plan, but i have the basics down and will go to a protest against this with my collegues.

any thoughts?
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the Bologna Process
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