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 facilitate non-internet activism

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PostSubject: facilitate non-internet activism   facilitate non-internet activism Icon_minitimeSat Dec 20, 2008 5:07 pm

i suggest that everyone looks for a forum in their area in which you can associate yourself with other anarchists who live near you. this is important to organize protests or activities. one example of this is alasbarricadas:

if you live in spain, this forum is very useful, since you can just go to one part of the forum and find dates and locations of protests. you can easily organize protests or activities with people from the forum.

so i suggest everyone find their local anarchist forum. you can search and post it here, and if you do i will edit this post and put the link here:

-(link to anarchist forum)
-(link to anarchist forum)
-(link to anarchist forum)
-(link to anarchist forum)

also, watch out when you organize activities, because people can infiltrate the forum. watch out because nazis could find out where you are, and if you are a small group, they could kick your ass.
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facilitate non-internet activism
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