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 creative way to stop social passivity

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PostSubject: creative way to stop social passivity   Tue Dec 23, 2008 4:14 pm

i was searching arround this section on in which we discuss anarchism in practice. so this guy came and posted about social passivity, and he said that what has to happen is for people to get angry. people have to get angry and not accept their conditions, they have to be fucking pissed and fight.
so this dude posted a few vids of this guy walking arround with a huge sign on him which said "wake up imbecile" (in spanish). on the second video, there was a lot of people running arround on the street and putting little sticky notes all over the place (even on people) which said "wake up imbecile" as well. it was kind of funny because people were reacting to it. everyone was looking at these people and reading the sticky notes. then at the end of the vid it showed the sign close up and it said "what if only 10% of the money in the world is real".
i think doing this kind of thing can really get people's attention, so we should all do it.

we have to create consciousness. people have to be fucking pissed at the system before it can start to come down.
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creative way to stop social passivity
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