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 sexual freedom

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PostSubject: sexual freedom   Sat Mar 21, 2009 8:29 am

the article is in spanish:

many of you probably don't know fluent spanish so i'll just explain what this is about. basically, teens in the US are sending arround messages on their phones with nude pictures of themselves or other people. it is estimated that arround 20% of people from ages 13-17 have sent one of these pictures at some point.
authorities are trying to stop this. they consider it "child pornography", and can take legal action against people distributing or having these photos.

our sexual freedom is being taken away basically. i don't say that i will take pictures of myself naked and send them arround, but if someone wants to do so, it is their choice and they should not be restricted with coercive methods. and what's more, they should not be restricted with the use of lies. it is not child pornography because no one is making money from these pictures. people are voluntarily spreading them. it is really not much different than my girldfriend getting in front of me and stripping. that isn't child pornography, and this isn't ether.

this is an attempt by obsessive christians to take away our freedoms.
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sexual freedom
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