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 Misinformation of anarchy in schools

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PostSubject: Misinformation of anarchy in schools   Tue Nov 10, 2009 5:29 pm

I have a teacher, who thinks she knows everything about everything and if you disagree then you are wrong. We were supposed to find the correct word (on our homework) for the definition: "___ is political disorder and violence." which I later learned was her definition of anarchy that she was teaching hundreds of kids. I believe it is an attempt to demonize and destroy any positive views of anarchy and label it as this evil problem that needs to be fixed, this made me really mad so on the worksheet I put this instead of the word anarchy. "Could not find, the closest thing I read is anarchy, but this is a very steep misinterpretation of anarchy, anarchy is a state of no government, which is put together in many different styles and philosophies. It has nothing to do with “disorder and violence” I hate ignorant people like this, especially if ignorance is teaching other people and filling their head with this stuff. She also makes democracy seem high up like its the best and nothing is wrong with it, but other governments are terrible and evil, pointing out each of the other governments faults while listing none of our own (a form of brainwashing in my opinion.) So to get to the point. What do you think about this? and what do you think i should do. I cant sit idly by while anarchy is being bashed so severely in our education systems.
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PostSubject: Re: Misinformation of anarchy in schools   Sat Nov 21, 2009 8:34 am

"I have a teacher, who thinks she knows everything about everything and if you disagree then you are wrong."
- changingtheworld

So you had a teacher.

She was ignorant, okay. Welcome to the wonderful world of the current education system. It's shite. You learn nothing useful and throughout it all what's "right" is constantly changing. At the beginning of every year when I was at school, my teachers would say "everything previously learned was wrong, *THIS* is what's right..."

It's bullshit.
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Misinformation of anarchy in schools
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