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 religion is a sate of mind.

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PostSubject: religion is a sate of mind.   Thu Feb 04, 2010 3:26 pm

You here all these christians and muslims and jews talking about how "god will protect us and show us the way to light! just follow the bible!" i personaly think they're on drugs. which the fact that they're conformers of society proves my point since all of society, the ones that go to the doctor who gives them the magical pills to cure their illness, have pretty much been on drugs since the day they were born. mama did get injected with pain medication to help ease the pain of birth right? so years and years ago when the fuzzy little cavemen were running around, they started eating plants and berries from the gods that showed them a new light. i bet they had some crazy hallucinations. which brings me to my topic that religion is just a state of mind. we can create our own heaven and hell, for example, lets say a friend of yours is on a cruise ship sailing through the bahamas. able to do nothing but be lazy in the sun and enjoy all the glories of being served by the people who work on the ship. they would say "this is heaven!" then they get back to their work space, with a boss whose breath smells like old coffe and rotted breakfast bitching at them about a document that wasn't fprmatted right. so they get fired and lose everything. some kinda hell eh? they all just found some kind of bullshit escape that works for them. and as the belief formed over time, it became a greater part of their lives because it became a greater escape so they wouldn't have to see the truth of their world. its sickening and retarded.
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PostSubject: Re: religion is a sate of mind.   Sat Apr 03, 2010 8:07 pm

To say they're on drugs is naive of you. People are stupid, and capitalism has the web spun well.
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PostSubject: Re: religion is a sate of mind.   Sat May 15, 2010 8:01 am

this is what Marx said.
for Marx, people develop superstructures (ideologies, religions, etc.) depending on the system they live under (structures), and usually these superstructures justify the powerfull opressing the weak. in other words, superstructures justify the structures.

all religions and ideologies are superstructures. there are some though, which are not opium, these would be ideologies like anarchism or communism. these are superstructures which change the structures.
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PostSubject: Re: religion is a sate of mind.   

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religion is a sate of mind.
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