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 yo just stumbled upon this and is very intriqued

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PostSubject: yo just stumbled upon this and is very intriqued   Sat May 15, 2010 4:00 am

What's up everyone! I've been a proclaimed anarcho-communist for quite a while but recently this year I've done alot of research into it. I've mostly been reading the works of Kropotkin. I've also been trying to tell as many people about it as possible my own method of propoghanda of deed if you must say. But I want to reach out a little farther. I've searched the net to see if there is any anarchist protests going on in or around my area but it appears to be fruitless. I'd start my own but seeing as that I'm inexpierenced is an understatement. But I figure my chances of finding word of such events has greatly increased since I joined this site no doubt. But just wanted to introduce myself so to speak. I posted this in off topic so I hope it's in the right place, my appologies if I did not.

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yo just stumbled upon this and is very intriqued
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