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 Whad up? =p

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Whad up? =p Empty
PostSubject: Whad up? =p   Whad up? =p Icon_minitimeTue Jul 08, 2008 8:00 pm

I've been a part of Anarchist Underground pretty much since it started, but I just wanted to start this off.
You can create a new topic and introduce yourself as well as state your political stances on things if you'd like or tell us what you do.

I'm KenCat, you can call me either that or Carlos. I'm a student and activist, I enjoy writing, debating, playing guitar, chillin with friends, etc. =p
I'm a Libertarian Socialist and one of my personal heroes is Noam Chomsky. I fairly know my way around the site so if you need anything, just ask.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I'll be taking a political science college course this summer (even though I'm not in college yet). =p
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Whad up? =p
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