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 Hi I am Nastas..a centre-left democratic socialist and Singularitarian...

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PostSubject: Hi I am Nastas..a centre-left democratic socialist and Singularitarian...   Mon Mar 28, 2011 1:02 pm

Hello, I am Nastas from China, currently studying in a high school in Chicago USA. I am a centre-left democratic socialist and Singularitarian. I believe in the function of democracy and big government. People have no way to fight private corporations, it's their right to do whatever they want when it's private, and it is much easier to change a government and solve problems if there is democracy. But I also realized that in the near future robotics and technology will change all that forever. Human will not be the same no more and not be limited by his/her biology and chemistry.. when a human can live forever and possess infinite power to refine him/herself will he/she still be greedy? will government still be important as it is today, since we might be able to wipe out the capitalism and possess infinite production? Communism? Utopia? Those are my questions.

But know that when that day come, if, still, the private corporations owns the machines, it will be terrible. Since machines will be stronger than we are. And we will be as strong as the machines by merging with them. If only a small group of people benefits from it, it will be a catastrophic.

So well i decide to study anarchism. and I have no knowledge about it at all. What good introductory level books will you suggest?

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Hi I am Nastas..a centre-left democratic socialist and Singularitarian...
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