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 just a few thoughts....

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just a few thoughts.... Empty
PostSubject: just a few thoughts....   just a few thoughts.... Icon_minitimeThu Apr 25, 2013 6:29 pm

Ok, so this is my first post and i hope i get a decent message across to all ya'll fine folks. first of all i would like to state that i think this is a great website, with made props to every free thinker out their. second i tend to feel like my views might be social libertarian in thought. although i'm not custom to all the philosophies of anarchism and the fact is i don't really like to label myself as anything but a human being . the reason i support an anarchist society is because i truly think that u can't trust any form of government ideology. not when the name of the game is profit and market gain. one of the biggest problems in this country is the privatization of everything. jails, hospitals, schools etc. nobody wants to help the community unless money is involved. we see it all the time with senators, mayors just about everybody in office, as they slowly lean towards corruption. all scamming the people for personal gain. the only question to me is which ones haven't been caught yet? it's all a joke!!! those same people will try and tell you what type of trans fat you can and can not eat, impose taxes to the point of breaking the small businessman. they have no regard for anything but themselves. the fact that these same people want to try and interfere with my everyday life pisses me off beyond belief. how do they know what is better for me than myself? its crazy!!! this country is being run by big business and pharmaceutical companies. all topics i would love to go more deeply into in later posts. but to sum it all up, i don't think any body has a right to tell me i can or can't do anything as long as my actions don't impede on anybody else in a positive or negative way. capitalism is a tool to package and sell every part of life for profit and seeks to enslave the human soul.....
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just a few thoughts....
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