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 greetings from mysticvortex13..

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PostSubject: greetings from mysticvortex13..   greetings from mysticvortex13.. Icon_minitimeTue Mar 03, 2015 11:21 am

if anyone ever visited the newgrounds bbs recently, you already know my positions.. though likely nobody has.. so i am here to outline them as well as to greet my fellow human beings..

i aim for a "no-world government", with no economic structure to speak of seeing as how similar corporations are to governments (ruthless enforcement of personal opinions of what their law means, with no regard for life or liberty of their victims) but without the upside of being able to sue them since they include all these indemnity clauses in their terms of use..

barter is grade a okay with me, but i prefer everyone be capable of self-manufacture of all necessities of life and trade only the luxuries they know how to make for the ones they dont...

alternately, we invent the star trek replicator device first so trade is not necessary..

i'm okay with short term workings within the system to get what i need however.. i vote only libertarian or democrat depending on the scenario, since libertarianism cant exist in my opinion and would inevitably lead to a system collapse, and democrats are more humanitarian-oriented apart from their idiotic views on gun control..

i am also of the belief that to make a utopian society possible, traits must include not only anarchy, but also uniformed opinions on everything that exists in all of humanity..

i am still working out the particulars of how to get there.. people accused me of being a hypocritical tyrant when they saw me propose we use mental healthcare as the means.. so apparently that's not an option..

if only the corrupt systems in place here in the state of arizona didnt prevent me from going back to school.. being a 2nd grade educational retention level as a highschool dropout isnt exactly helping...

the schools do not teach here.. they just become superfluous, abusive, parental figures.. when they actually do bother to teach, it's a load of hogwash, like jfk getting shot in the gut by lee harvey oswald and surviving for decades after the fact rather than in the head and dying instantly..

authority of all types is what i despise most.. religion, popular opinion, parents, schools, government agencies, corporations, the media, celebrities, anybody holding sway over someone other than themself is in the wrong to me if they use that power for any purpose at all.. it's like the one ring sauron controls..

the dark lord will find you even if the rest of the world cant see what you're doing wrong..

that said, it is not the person in power, but the power that person wields i despise specifically.. morals are subjective and so i cannot rightly judge another human being as a person based on what they've done even if their name is joseph stalin, adolf hitler, or osama bin laden..

an eye for an eye and the world will be blind, as gandhi would say..

i do not believe voting holds merit in a utopia.. i think all decisions need to be unanimous to be worth the effort.. direct democracy is a no-go for me..

my favorite maxim to invoke goes along the lines of: "a system that does not serve everyone in the end serves no-one.. the oppressed few will always find a way to share their suffering with the otherwise contented many.."

never can remember the exact words i used.. so i always try a variation that suits the context of whatever point i'm trying to make. this is a mere example quote so it doesnt have the usual characteristics of adaptation..

anyhow, that's my views out of the way.. i'm glad to see a site that at least plays devil's advocate with anarchy even if it isnt truly for it despite the .. i saw for myself this site has mods..

you want anarchy, go see the fine folks over at .. they'll show you a modless forum at the very least, and somehow manage to be slightly better off than 4-chan which has mods for whatever reason..

one slight forewarning though, they're every bit as incapable of making a valid argument as to why their opinion is the best one..

but again, i digress..

really, there's not much else to say actually.. i bid you good day, and hope to have a proper discussion in the future.

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greetings from mysticvortex13..
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