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 a caveman's thoughts and a pure world.

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PostSubject: a caveman's thoughts and a pure world.   Tue Jun 02, 2009 1:31 pm

i've been giving quite a deal of thought to primitivism lately, and i have realized that a primitive persons thoughts would be very simple and thus would create no worry.

today we worry about buying this and that, about our jobs or our education, about this and that problem with the world, and so on. i have watched a video lately on freedom of choice, and this guy said that the official western dogma is that to create a happy society, you need freedom, and to have freedom you need choices. so people beging to believe that having the choice of buying whatever you want, or having the ability to make many choices at work, the market, education, politics, and so on creates freedom and therefore happiness. the truth is that people with so many choices are not happy because instead of making productive choices, they become paralized, and thus they fall under the control of the social elite.
a caveman would have nothing to worry about really, except that a lion might eat him. that would not create much worry or suffering since it would only leave two choices open for him, to ether die by the lion or watch his ass as he walks arround. in fact, he wouldn't even give thought to dying (a thought which is becoming more and more common these days with the "development" of the industrial world).
yes, the moment the lion eats him, he would suffer, or if he is unable to find the food he needs, he might be hungry for a day, but that is something one gets used to quickly and which doesn't create much stress, since it's very simple. on the other hand, modern worries create much stress which digs into our unconcious. this constant stress creates ideologies which are based on ignorance and deluded thought.

may i ask a question? why are indians the masters of meditation?
they are the masters of meditation because they had nothing to do in their time. they also did not have much to worry about. they were troubled by the suffering they saw arround them, which was for the most part physical, and because of this they became masters of meditation. although they created deluded philosophies, my guess is that they were quite happy. this gave rise to philosophies which grasp the deluded nature of philosophy itself, like buddhism. might i say that maybe some day buddhism will give rise to a world in which there is nothing to worry about? a world which is beautiful, pure, and peaceful and where everyone's thoughts become focused on the true nature of reality?

what does this have to do with primitivism?
in this it is related to primitivism:
purity of environment.
but this purity of environment is evolved and not like the purity of primitivist societies. while in primitivist societies people's thoughts were deluded and thus came to be impure, in the pure environment which is evolved, people's thoughts would not be deluded. this pure environment would be created with the will of understanding the true nature of reality. it would be based upon compassion and love, which includes not killing, wishing the goods of others, and complete absence of greed.

so how do we create a pure world?
make sure that every morning you pray for this world (don't pray to god, of course). make sure that your actions are done for the good of others and out of pure love and compassion. do not kill, that means do not kill humans, animals, insects, and if possible bacteria and plants. do this out of pure love and compassion. make your speech right. make sure you are honest and straighforward, without creating delusion anothers' minds. don't create complex ideologies when you speak to people. but avoid descriptions which are vague. clarity is the key.
-fight against injustice and propaganda, but do not get involved in political parties and do not become involved with violent actions. do not use anger to achieve an end. although anger is inevitable, do not become consumed by it.
-make sure that you share love and compassion with those arround you.
-avoid actions which may harm or kill a living creature, wether it is a human, an animal, an insect, an animal in an egg or still inside it's mother, and if possible avoid killing plants and microorganisms. even though the last two are almost impossible, it is possible to anihilate much of the anger and hate which harm these beings which might at some point become conscious beings.
-do not make others confused with funky ideologies. make sure that your speech is clear and straighforward. you must be able to communicate the nature of your thoughts through your speech, which should be compassionate and full of love.
-do not become involved in activities which harm the environment, and if possible, do what you can to help the environment without becomign involved in political parties or organizations which are based on self-interest.
-do not cling to your money or belongings. understand that there are many in need.
-do not become involved in activities which create confusion in people's minds, that means that you should not become involved with corporations, government, the market in general, education, or any organization which spreads propaganda or makes people dependant upon their own selfishness for survival. also do not become involved in activities which create dependance upon an organization (somethign simmilar to the above).

you may call this semi-primitivist anarchism if you like. it is probably the best name which fits it. if you chose to follow this, make sure that you do not alter it due to self interest.
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a caveman's thoughts and a pure world.
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